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Issue Date: January 2005

New presentation system for the events industry

1 January 2005

Fresh from the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games, the Watchout System has been launched in South Africa for the first time by Penmac av. Describing Watchout as 'Presentations on steroids', managing director, Malcolm Finlay said it was one of the most exciting new generation AV systems to hit the industry in years.
"It is hard to define because it has so many capabilities and such flexibility that you just have to see it to believe it."
Speaking after the first South African display of the new system at the recent African Leadership Conference at the Sandton Sun, where Watchout was used as part of the Honeywell exhibit, Malcolm described Watchout as a powerful composite graphics platform which provides synchronised, widescreen, multidisplay and multilayer capabilities in an efficient and flexible package with powerful, high definition visual and audio characteristics.
This new system got its first worldwide exposure at the recent Olympics when it was used during the spectacular opening ceremony to display synchronised, high definition images using massive Barco projectors linked around the stadium with Watchout via Ethernet. The time-line system also allows perfect control and synchronisation of image and sound projection across a variety of media. This, coupled with its software-controlled edge blending and masking capabilities enables you to create a powerful and impressive image or presentation. The Watchout system uses standard equipment and graphics and has been used in a variety of applications throughout the world, eg, product launches, presentations, concerts, shows, advertising displays, museums, television backdrops, foyer displays, synchronised nation-wide displays in retail outlets, etc.
Penmac anticipate that Watchout will have a massive impact on the events and staging industry and see themselves working alongside other agencies to maximise the impact of the system.
Penmac av is a specialist technical service provider to the events staging industry and corporate environment. They have over 20 years of experience in the AV and music industry and their goal is to provide worldclass services in the fields of visual presentations, sound engineering and support services for product launches, conferences, exhibitions, gala events, stage shows, concerts and promotions. They can be contacted on 011 476 2066 or Fax 011 678 6356.

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