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Issue Date: September 2004

Trigger dominates Direct and Effectiveness category Loeries

1 September 2004

Trigger, a direct marketing company that builds brands using contemporary marketing techniques, has shown themselves to be market leaders at this year's inaugural integrated Loerie Festival - walking off with one Grand Prix, seven gold and three bronze Loerie awards.
Trigger totally dominated the Direct and Effectiveness category and also led the award stakes in the Digital Promotions ceremony.
The 2004 Loeries Festival, which was held at Sun City from 1-3 October, celebrated and awarded various companies for their creativity and marketing and advertising excellence. For the first time this year, the entire creative awards were integrated.
Trigger managed a record-breaking 100% success rate of Gold awards for each of their entries in the Direct and Effectiveness category honouring their work done for Nike, First National Bank and Winston. Says Gavin Rooke, founding partner of Trigger - "We are really proud of the fact that the awards are for large-scale brands running significant campaigns, not flash-in-the-pan initiatives."
Furthermore, Trigger won accolades for all their entries, including work done for Nike, First National Bank, Absa Bank, Standard Bank, Vespa, Winston, Tiscali and the British Tourism Authority.
Their crowning achievement was the winning of the highly coveted Best of Show award - the Grand Prix - for their work done for Winston. What makes the award remarkable is that tobacco marketing in South Africa, due to strict legislation, is practically impossible. Trigger, within the confines of the legislation has made Winston the most effectively marketed brand in South Africa in 2004.
Says Roelof Van Wyk, creative director of Trigger - "The secret of our success is that we think inside the box. An innate understanding of the objectives and constraints of complex marketing projects requires creative thinking - and that in turn requires focus."
Says Roelof and Gavin, "The thing we value most is the trust our clients place in us and these awards are an affirmation of Trigger's leading marketing methods for building brands."

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