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Issue Date: September 2004

Sunday Times revamps its look

1 September 2004

South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper has launched a new, revamped look, this October.
New headline faces and body fonts give the Sunday Times a distinctive, modern and more up-market look. And in a 'first' for any newspaper in Africa the Sunday Times has reached an agreement with The New York Times to publish a weekly 16-page tabloid section containing some of the best writing from The New York Times.
The front page of the Sunday Times now incorporates 'sky boxes' in which big stories inside the paper are promoted.
Page Two, which is an in-brief summary of news items both local and global that have occurred during the week, has been re-designed in a more visual and interesting way. Barry Ronge's 'Spit and Polish' moves to the top of the page. It will include people of the week, quotes of the week and stories in brief.
The main section of the paper will use pictures more prominently and a device known as 'balloons' which tag background elements to a story.
The new-look Sport section will give readers the most comprehensive sports results service every week, covering international, local, school, varsity and club events.
There will also be more big-match previews and more opinion by top local and international columnists.
The new Business Times will have more business analysis and a more popular, people-orientated approach. The new-look page two will give readers all the week's top business news in a nutshell. And on the new 'Other Back Page' it will bring readers all the gossip and strange tales from the business crypt.
The Sunday Times Magazine will now become a definitive TV guide. There will be two pages of TV schedules per day, with more daily information on DSTV programmes. Barry Ronge's TV pick has been expanded and he will now write about programmes on all channels. The magazine includes a Movie magazine, which will incorporate Barry Ronge's movie pick as well as DVD reviews. Linda Shaw's astrology guide has also been expanded.
The Lifestyle package is now a 48-page product, which comprises 16 pages of lifestyle, 16 pages of travel and food and 16 pages of the best writing from the New York Times. It is available in all major urban areas and to subscribers across the country.
Gauteng readers will get a new-look Metro section with entertainment listings and funky arts coverage.
All KwaZulu-Natal readers will now receive a copy of the Extra edition which will be inserted inside the main edition of the paper.
This weekend also sees the launch of the Sunday Times Book Club, which will offer readers an impressive range of book titles - including fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers, business books, reference books and children's books - all at hard-to-beat prices. Sunday Times Book Club offers will be available on order by telephone, with free delivery, and offers may be found every week in Sunday Times magazine, Business Times, Lifestyle and the Travel&food; supplement.

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