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Issue Date: July 2004

Events Calendar

1 July 2004

* 18-20 July - Retail Trade Expo + Conference, Gallagher Estate, Midrand
* 28-30 July - Non-profit Marketing, Jhb - Marcus Evans Conferences
* 2-3 August - Supply Chain World, Sandton Convention Centre, Jhb
* 4-7 August - Shopping Mall Expo, Nasrec, Jhb
* 25 August - BWASA Business Woman of the Year, Gallagher, Midrand
* 29-31 August - Pan-African Market Research Organisation (PAMRO) Conference, Cameroon
* Pendoring Awards, Midrand (honouring Afrikaans advertising)
* 17-19 September - Wikid Youth Expo, Sandton Convention Centre, SA RAI:
* 12-13 October - ECR/Consumer Goods Council annual expo + conference, Sandton Convention Centre, Jhb
* PICA Awards, Midrand (honouring trade publishing excellence)
* Loerie Awards + African Marketing Festival, Sun City

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