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Issue Date: June 2004

Living Standards Measures (LSMs)

1 June 2004

If you are a marketer who books advertising space, these essential publications from the South African Advertising Research Foundation are a must for your bookshelf.
The new SAARF publications available to order include:
1. SAARF Trends 1999-2003 (condensed), cost R150 incl VAT.
2. The SAARF Segmentation Handbook (updated on CD) to include, SAARF Universal LSMs; SAARF Media Groups Measure (MGM); SAARF Lifestyles; and SAARF Lifestages. Cost R185 incl VAT.
The Living Standards Measures (LSMs 1-10) segment the lifestyle of the South African population according to living standards, making it easier for marketers, advertisers and media owners to pitch products and brands to specific categories of their target audience.
Go to the SAARF website: to order

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