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Issue Date: May 2004

New research data launched

1 May 2004

Target Group Index (TGI), a new research study, has been launched to South Africa's top advertisers, advertising agencies, media independents and media owners.
TGI SA has a sample of 15 000 interviews representing 16,7 million individuals, 16 plus, in communities of 8000 plus throughout South Africa. The sample is representative of this universe in each of the six waves of fieldwork conducted between February and November each year. Matched samples of different people are interviewed in each wave.
According to Barbara Cooke and Tim Bester, licensees of TGI in this country,
"TGI is not a panel, but we do ask respondent's permission to recall at a later stage if necessary. This means our subscribers with difficult-to-find target markets, can use TGI to re-contact known individuals to conduct more qualitative or in depth research very cost effectively."
Comments Cooke: "Media planning will never be the same again. TGI asks respondents questions about 4750 brands and over 550 product categories. The research measures brands, attitudes, demographics, geo-demographics, activities, lifestyles and media consumption all in a single database. It has always been a source of puzzlement to me that South Africa has had to make do with brand planning based on category data. Skip and OMO could not be more different in terms of their user profile let alone their utility for the user. Yet the only brand planning measurement available has been the profile of users of non-soapy detergents (all washing powders)."
Now in seems planners can plan on individual brands - from acne preps to yoghurt.
For more information contact Bob Harrison, Media Worx, 082 920 6146.

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