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Issue Date: April 2004

ICEtracks - intelligent web statistics measurement

1 April 2004

CubiCIce has announced the launch of ICEtracks, an Internet intelligence tool that will provide the foundation to effectively increase website and email communication value significantly. According to CubicIce's Steve Liversedge, "Unlike other web stat tools that view each visitor, visit, page impression and click generated as being equal - when, in reality, they are not (due to varying customer/ audience value, their needs/ interests and buying power) - ICEtracks makes a difference by providing the capability to turn anonymous web traffic, including interactions driven by email, into high value intelligence based on web visitor identification. Yes, visitor identification - by name, company and job title."
"Add to this the ability to categorise or group visitors based on business related criteria, such as product ownership, needs, buying power, location, campaign, customer value, etc, as well as 300 reporting variations and web owners will be armed with intelligence that will demonstrate or drive business value," he says.

Improve online publication value

Online publishers are faced with the challenge of proving to advertisers that their online channel reaches the target audience, yet are faced with low site activity, low banner ad click through rates and visitor anonymity.

ICEtracks conquers this challenge by matching visitor identification to related data, such as job title, company name, product interests, buying power etc. The tracking and reporting then provides the publisher with the necessary visitor/ audience intelligence to demonstrate to advertisers the advertising value and - more importantly - target market reach.

Protecting the visitors ID is a given, however as an advertiser, knowing my press release, press office or static banner ad was viewed by x number of decision makers that fit my target market profile, would go a long way to demonstrating market reach, even if the click throughs are low.

Looking at it from the marketing agency perspective, agencies would be able to provide the publisher with a target market profile and get feed back or confirmation as to how this channel would work for their client.

Extract intelligence that drives sales

With the visitor identification and grouping as the foundation for improved intelligence, ICEtracks reporting allows users to evaluate recency or frequency of visit, independent web page interaction and assessment based on criteria such as visitor grouping, company name etc.

In addition, the link tracking facility provides advanced click through intelligence for email communications, whether they are once off communications or mass mailings to customer bases. ICEtracks users can then see who exactly clicked on what link and evaluate other pages visited by the individual. By having the insight to gauge product interest, response to offers or invitations the website can be used effectively to drive the sales process. Rather than chasing customers blindly or simply being reactive to customer contact, initial interest can be gauged via the web through email contact.

If the goal is to understand each customer's business value and treat individual customers differently in order to maximise profitability, then ask yourself one simple question: How will you achieve this online if you cannot identify your customers' online actions independently from other visitor activity?

For details contact Steve Liversedge of CubicIce on tel: +27 11 705-2545, f: +27 11 705-2448, e-mail or visit

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