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Issue Date: April 2004

Your company and the law

1 March 2004

DSTV's Summit TV has introduced a new legal series aimed at the business owner.
Today's corporates face a minefield of legislation. There's competition law, employment law, tax laws and intellectual property laws, and then to top it all of the directors can be held personally liable in the event of a company's failure.
Deneys Reitz, one of the largest commercial law firms in South Africa, is sponsoring a television series currently being flighted on DStv business channel, Summit TV. The programme, "Your Company and the Law", covers a range of legal issues affecting the companies.
"Deneys Reitz felt the need to participate in informing and educating South African business executives about the current legal topics and the laws within which they can operate," said Patrick Bracher, senior director at Deneys Reitz. "As far as we know this is the first time a South African law firm has sponsored such a series."
Bracher adds that the TV programme is the ideal vehicle to achieve this as it can reach the entrepreneurs, who are just starting out as well as the top brass of established corporates.
Veteran financial reporter, Hillary Joffe, anchors the show and engages some of the country's best legal minds on topics ranging from mergers and acquisitions, insider trading, securitisation, shares, money laundering, to internet law.
The 26 programmes of weekly series is broadcast at 19h30 on Tuesdays, with repeats at 21h47 on Wednesdays, 22h30 on Thursdays and 06h30 on Fridays.

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