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Issue Date: April 2004
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    Welcome to MarketingX!

    Louise Marsland, Editor of MarketingX, introduces her first issue of MarketingX, a new marketing and communications ezine. Ostensibly to keep the marketers of technology solutions in touch with trends in marketing and communications, MarketingX seeks to bridge the gap between res

    [ April 2004, Ed's Comment ]

  • Managing the reputation of your company

    Why every company needs a reputation management programme and crisis management plan. The Pick 'n Pay "poisoner" scare maybe yesterday's news, but the case demonstrated in technicolour detail why every company should have a crisis management plan to product its reputation in case

    [ April 2004, PR/Communications, ]

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    Marketing ROI - Accountability is Inevitable

    Marketing can be measured and the saying, "I know 50% of my marketing works, but which 50% I couldn't tell you," has reached it's sell-by date. It is only a matter of time before we start asking hard questions on campaign profitability and comparing marketing mix expenditure to i

    [ April 2004, Marketing, ]

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    Briefing an Advertising Agency

    Dean Herrick from Herrick Communications, provides insight into briefing an advertising agency, looking at some aspects that clients, and perhaps first-time advertisers, should become aware of, long before an actual briefing takes place.

    [ March 2004, Advertising, ]

  • Company vs. Brand values

    The chasm between company values and brand values accounts for much of the scepticism with which consumers view brands and the messages and values they are trying to portray, argues Janice Spark.

    [ April 2004, Branding, ]

  • Lasting value for customers

    The concept of a lasting relationship of mutual value with your customers is not new. But in our era of mass production, mass consumption and mass marketing, relationships of business quality with individual organisations have been seen as too expensive and time-consuming to achi

    [ April 2004, Marketing, ]

  • Sticky solutions for exhibition excellence

    Exhibitions are a significant part of the marketing mix and the most interactive form of media that companies may use to reach their customers. Exhibitions are becoming more high tech by the day, and there are many new product innovations on the market.

    [ April 2004, Exhibitions / Conferences, ]

  • Quantifying brand values

    Much is being made of brand value in the media at present, but do we really know how to accurately measure the value of brands? That is the question posed by Objectivity, South Africa's Perception Measurement and Monitoring firm.

    [ April 2004, Branding, ]

  • The top ten mistakes on websites

    International web specialist, Sally Falkow, visited South Africa in March 2004, to share web strategy and online marketing insight with local marketers.

    [ April 2004, Online, digital, ]

  • True analytical customer intelligence pays off

    There is a vast difference between basic customer relationship management (CRM) and analytical CRM - and the former has simply not lived up to its promise. In fact, it is widely accepted that at least 50% of all CRM projects have failed. Retha Keyser, product manager at SAS Insti

    [ April 2004, Research, ]

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