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Issue Date: March 2005

Closing sales... naturally

March 2005

Closing is not an event, but a gradual process that begins the moment you make contact with potential customers.

Here are some steps to make closing a natural part of the sales conversation...
1. Earn the right. In the first 2 minutes of the sales call you must demonstrate your knowledge of the prospect's market and industry. Establishing trust and rapport early in the sales cycle sets the tone.
2. Gather information not data. Stop using close-ended, leading and manipulative questions. Instead, ask appropriate, insightful questions. Your goal is to understand the prospect's need. The only way you can do that is to understand what they are facing.
3. Present solutions. Before your prospects can move to a buying mode they need to understand how your solution will address their most important needs. The only reason people will buy a solution is to solve their challenges. If you cannot help them with their challenges, they will not have time for you. Your job is to take the information you gathered in step 2 and connect the dots for your customer.
4. Count costs. Costs do not just refer to the price. Cost also refers to the expenses prospects will face if they do not buy - ie the consequences to them. Closing is about helping prospects see that there is a gap between where they want to go and where they are going to go if they do not change things.
5. Closing the deal. Learning to identify a buying signal and gain a commitment from a prospect, that progresses the sale to its next logical stage, is one of the key functions of salespeople. In CLOSING THE DEAL candidates will learn the skill and a variety of effective techniques that will improve their closing rate.
The outcome: Candidates learn to identify 'buying signals' and the skills of gaining a commitment.
From The Solutions Collection, Daisho Marketing, tel: 485 5714.

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