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Issue Date: May 2004

Onwards to 2010!

May 2004

Sitting in the Financial Mail’s Adfocus conference last week made me realise once again the wealth of talent in South Africa and how well our local pundits do compare with the best of international creatives.

The call was made to the creative industry (including media, film, design, production, advertising, etc) to formalise the establishment of a proper Creative Industry Sector to generate business recognition of the key role played by the industry in the economy, as well as generate jobs.
Nowhere will all this talent be more appreciated than in the run up to a global event of the magnitude of the Soccer World Cup 2010 when the best creative brains will be scrambling to showcase South Africa - The Brand, South African products and South African services to the rest of the world.
And not only that - we, the media, and the creative industry will not only have to sell our competency as host nation to the rest of the world, but to our fellow South Africans. This is an unrivalled opportunity and the cherry on the top of all the other global events South Africa, as a new democracy, has earned our stripes on by staging.
We need to all buy into it - not just for the sport, but for the nation-building opportunities it brings and most importantly, for economic growth and in the political context of South Africa as part of Africa.
Thank you.
Louise Marsland
Editor: Marketing X

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