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Issue Date: April 2004

Sticky solutions for exhibition excellence

April 2004

Exhibitions are a significant part of the marketing mix and the most interactive form of media that companies may use to reach their customers. Exhibitions are becoming more high tech by the day, and there are many new product innovations on the market.
From promotional carpet graphics to innovative poster products, new materials available today make it possible to be as creative as you want to be on your exhibition stand or with promotional activity in store.
Carpet graphics are an innovative new concept ideal for low-pile commercial carpet advertising for department stores, restaurants, and other retail advertising applications, says Mandy Collins, Marketing Manager of Synchron Graphic Solutions.
Carpet Graphics can also be applied to carpets at exhibitions, without damaging the carpet or impairing traffic. They are easy to apply and remove when the show is over. Most self-adhesive materials applied to rough textures like carpets will not stick down for very long and look worn after a day.
Collins explains: "Synchron's floor graphics are a rigid product that has a special adhesive that will adhere to carpets for long periods of time and keep your brand name intact and looking good."
Then there are floor graphics for other surfaces. A good idea is to apply floor graphics to your stand floor. This can be applied directly to the floor or else it can be stuck to Forex and then laid down. "This type of advertising is very striking and can create a wonderful effect on the stand. If you really want to attract attention you can stick floor graphics to tarmac or pavements outside the exhibition hall. This type of vinyl has a removable adhesive system designed to adhere to challenging surfaces, ensuring the graphic will remain intact for the life of the promotion and still be cleanly removable after the promotion," Collins reiterates.
If your promotional campaign is down for a long period of time, the floor graphic can be cleaned using warm water or mild soap (dish detergent). A sponge can be used to periodically clean the top surface.
It's a sign
So often posters need to be applied to walls on a stand, but paper posters tear and rigid posters need to be put up with double-sided tape, which has to be of a certain kind so that it can be easily removed after the exhibition. The new Sign-it product is a self-adhesive banner material that can be applied to walls, wood or glass, and can be easily removed and used again, several times. It is a revolutionary product and one of its kind - launched in South Africa by Synchron last year.
Sign-it can be used as many times as required, making it practical and economical. Light, it can be used to design large areas. Flexible, it rolls up compactly and is easily transported and stored. Sign-it allows you to make mistakes, explains Collins. "You simply remove it and stick it back again in the right place and while doing it, Sign-it does not loose shape but remains perfectly flat."
Sign-it also stands up to UV rays, wind, rain and all other forms of bad weather. It is easy to apply and remove and what's more it can be used several times. Collins says that the Sign-it product is so easy to apply it will never get bubbles or wrinkles forming and only takes a few seconds to put up, making it the ideal product for exhibitions.
On exhibition stands you sometimes want to be able to have private or important meetings with clients where you can sit down and get away from the buzz. If you use a glass panel or clear Perspex as a divider, the Seethru product from Synchron can be used. An image is printed onto the Seethru material and applied to the panel, meaning that people walking onto the stand cannot see into the discussion area, but the people sitting in the discussion area can see people coming onto their stand!
No meshing about!
Using solid panels on exhibition stands can prevent people from seeing onto your stand if they are approaching your stand from the side. Using mesh can be a good alternative to creating a wonderful spatial effect. Graphics can be printed onto the mesh on both sides and put into a tight framing system. People can still see onto the stand and visa versa. It creates a wonderful spatial effect as people can see through the mesh.
For more information on these unique products, contact Synchron Graphic Solutions Marketing Manager, Mandy Collins on
Exhibition hints & tips
Graphic Solutions has listed a couple of things to keep in mind when designing a stand:
* Use lightweight media where possible. When designing stands, keep to lightweight structures for the shell scheme and additional props. Forex Classic from Synchron is an innovative product that is used to make shell schemes that are creative and easy to assemble. Try to purchase products that can be used again. So often you see roll up stands that look tatty after being used a few times. They start to curl at the edges, tear or just look cheap. The main reason for this is because the media being used is cheap and is not ideal for the application. Synchron sell Ferrari banner material that is guaranteed to look good and last longer than most roll up stands, while still being an affordable media.
* Use media with flame retardant properties if you have a lot of equipment on your stand. It is becoming a world trend to use media that will not burn for longer than a few seconds, before the flame goes out because it has flame retardant properties. If you are building your shell scheme with Forex Classic, it is self-extinguishing and will therefore prevent a fire from starting. Ferrari banners on your stand can also be supplied with flame retardant properties, but this must be requested.

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