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Issue Date: April 2004

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April 2004

One of the most sought after skills in all business today, is marketing and communications. Regarded as a soft skill a decade or so ago, marketing has been elevated to the top of a core competency audit of any manager or business owner.
With the proliferation of multi-media options available to advertisers, and the consumer who is suffering from serious time famine in being bombarded with all these product and service messages, it is essential that every business know exactly where to position its products and services in order to target the right audience. This includes knowing how to access the right skills or services to action your plans.
Technews has produced a value-added service to existing subscribers of its media brands, in order to assist in the provision of information to inform decision-making. Marketing X will cover issues related to all facets of marketing communications: Advertising, Branding, Exhibitions/Conferences, Marketing, Online, PR, Print Media, Radio/TV, and Research.
This is a unique custom media offering from Technews and we appreciate all reader feedback and questions - we want to provide an excellent resource to you and your business.
Thank you.
Louise Marsland
Editor: MarketingX

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